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Read our listing agreement for all terms and conditions. The price varies by MLS (there are 700+ MLSs). See the price to list on your local MLS here.

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1. Allow 1 business day to appear on MLS, less than 24 hours is typical. It may take longer to appear on websites.
2. The price varies by MLS (there are 700+ MLSs). See the price to list on your local MLS here.

What Are You Waiting For?

What You Get

12 month MLS listing
10 free listing changes
Unlimited photos on the MLS
Listing sent to, Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, many more...
Protection of our Listing Agreement
Cancel for free anytime
Complete and manage entirely online
No obligation to buy anything else
All for a one-time fee

Our Guarantee is the guaranteed fastest, safest, and easiest way to list on the MLS.

We guarantee that homecoin is the FASTEST, SAFEST, and EASIEST way to list your home on the MLS. If you don't agree, we'll refund you our fee.

What is the MLS?

How the MLS works image.

The Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") is an agent-only database where agents list the properties that they have for sale. A commission can be offered in the MLS to agents for producing the buyer.

There are over 700 different MLSs in the United States. It is CRITICAL that your home is listed on your local MLS.

Why is the MLS Important?

Why the MLS is important.

1. The MLS enables a seller to offer a commission to buyers agents. Agents will NOT go to homes where a commission is not offered.

2. The MLS pushes home info to websites such as, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, major brokerage sites, plus many others.

How Do Commissions Work?

How commissions work on the MLS.

Simply put, when a seller pays a 6% commission to sell their home, half (3%) goes to the listing agent and half (3%) goes to the buyers agent.

When you offer a commission on the MLS, that offer is only for the agents who are members of that MLS. That is why you want to list on the LOCAL MLS, so you can attract local agents.

What is a "Flat Fee" MLS Listing?

$400k sale price, 3% commission per agent
Listing Agent Buyer Agent Total Cost
Traditional Listing $12,000 $12,000 $24,000
Flat Fee Listing $95 1 $0 - 12,000 2 $95 - 12,095 2

In a "Flat Fee" listing, the seller pays an upfront fee (no commission) for an agent to list a home on the MLS. The seller can still offer a commission to buyer agents.

1 Prices vary by MLS.
2 No commission paid if buyer does not have an agent.

homecoin protects home sellers on their MLS listing.

homecoin Protects You

Did you know that flat fee MLS listings are not all the same? In every corner, there are shady agents looking to take advantage of home sellers like you.

The law requires that you sign a Listing Agreement with an agent prior to listing on the MLS. We only use our attorney approved MLS Listing Agreement, which is set up to protect home sellers from agents who are trying to pull a fast one.

Highlights of our MLS Listing Agreement include:

  • You may cancel your listing at any time at NO COST.1
  • Your listing agent CANNOT CLAIM any commission that you might offer.
  • You get 10 FREE CHANGES to your MLS listing.
  • You may REJECT OFFERS without owing a commission.2

We understand that you might not have time to always read the fine print - let us worry about that. homecoin is built upon being a champion for home sellers. We work to PROTECT YOU.

1 Just be sure to NOT have accepted an offer from an agent and have rejected any outstanding offers (both are to protect sellers) - see our FAQ for further details.
2 MLSs typically require that agents note when a full price offer is rejected.

Our Listing Process

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Agents Sign Up

Agents enter their services, prices, and MLS memberships into our site, so we can show them to you.

homecoin digitizes the MLS listing forms.

Forms Digitized

Every MLS’s listing forms are different. We take each MLSs forms and enable them to be completed online.

Sellers are in control of their homecoin listing.

Provide Info

Select the MLS and Agent you want and complete all the forms online. E-sign and uploading photos included.

Submit your order and the agent will input into the MLS.

Submit Order

The agent receives your order and enters it into the MLS. A copy of the listing is uploaded to your account on homecoin.

Your listing is on the MLS in 24 hours.

On The Market!

Your listing is on the MLS +, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. Listing changes are done online.

Sellers love

Piece of Cake

homecoin is the fast, easy, and safe way to list on the local MLS.

Brand "X" Listing Process

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

A Local Agent?

Other sites choose your agent for you - do they know of the local disclosures? You choose on homecoin.

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Irrelevant Info?

Other sites ask for info that is not from the local MLS listing form. Why are they wasting your time?

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Slow ≠ Good

Other sites take your order and then have an agent contact you with the forms to fill out. Do it all at once on homecoin.

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Safe Agreement?

Agents must use our listing agreement, which protects sellers. Other sites let agents decide on the agreement.

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Print, Scan, Fax?

All listing changes can be submitted through our website. Other sites require you print, sign, fax, etc. Ugh...

Real estate agents sign up to homecoin.

Bad Brand “X”!

No matter which way you look at it, the competition doesn't even come close to homecoin!

You are wasting money by paying a commission to a real estate agent to list your home on the MLS.

Like Wasting Money?

Neither do we.

The agent that lists your home on the MLS rarely finds the buyer. They just wait for another agent to come along with a buyer and let them collect a commission that you pay.

You took all the risk in buying a home, why would you throw away your money by paying a fat commission to an agent, just for listing your home on the MLS?

"Consumers can save thousands of dollars in commissions (with a Flat Fee MLS listing)."

The main purpose of the MLS is to list homes for sale and offer agents a commission for finding a buyer. Why not skip paying a listing agent a commission and instead just pay a small upfront fee to get your property on the MLS? You can still offer a commission to buyer agents.

Agent Confessions

"It's way too easy to sell a home. homecoin is the future of home selling."

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Agent confessing the future of real estate.

"I can see in my business that flat fee real estate is the way things are going to go."

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