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How The MLS Works For You

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What is the MLS?

How the MLS works image.

The Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") is an agent-only database where agents list homes for sale + offer other agents a commission for finding a buyer. You CAN list on the MLS without paying a commission - see below! Learn more about the MLS.

Shady Agent Trick #1

"I guarantee your home sells, or I'll buy it!"

An agent being sneaky. The Trick: If the agent can't sell your home, they will buy it themselves at the listed price.

The Truth: The agent gets you to list at a price well below market value. No agent would buy a home for what it is worth, as they would lose money having to hold and resell.

A home listed below market value sells quickly. If it doesn't, the agent buys it at the below market price. They win, you lose.

Shady Agent Trick #2

"I have a database of 1000's of buyers!"

Another agent being sneaky.The Trick: The agent says they have thousands of buyers in their database, and your home may be sold before it hits the market.

The Truth: The agent is trying to sell the house before they place it on the MLS, so they can represent both seller and buyer and double their commission.

This is known as a "Pocket Listing", and it is notorious for the seller making MUCH LESS MONEY. Even the Realtors® Assoc. has warned of the danger.

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Why is the MLS Important?

Why the MLS is important.

1. The MLS enables a seller to offer a commission to buyers agents. Agents will NOT go to homes where a commission is not offered.

2. The MLS pushes home info to websites such as, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, major brokerage sites, plus many others.

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How Do Commissions Work?

How commissions work on the MLS.

Simply put, when a seller pays a 6% commission to sell their home, half (3%) goes to the listing agent and half (3%) goes to the buyers agent.

Shady Agent Trick #3

"Your home is worth more than you think!"

Another agent being sneaky.The Trick: The agent says your house is worth much more than you, or any other agent, thinks.

The Truth: The agent gets you excited by saying he will get you a higher price than any other agent has stated. This is known as "Buying a Listing".

Once your home is listed, it won't sell. Eventually the agent will talk you into lowering the price to the true value.

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Why Do Smart Sellers Avoid Listing Agent Commissions?

Real estate agent sleeping on the job.

They Rarely Find A Buyer

A listing agent (also known as the seller's agent) rarely finds you the buyer. They list your home on the MLS and offer a commission to other agents for finding the buyer.

Worse yet, even if you find the buyer you still owe them the entire commission. That’s wrong.

Your real estate agent will negotiate against you.

They Negotiate Against You

When you tell your agent the lowest price you will sell for, you can bet they will share that price with the buyer agent in order to get a deal. It happens all the time.

This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So much for being on your side, huh?

Your real estate agent will advise you to take offers less than they would take.

They Care Less About Price

Economists showed in the best-selling book, Freakonomics, that your agent cares more about selling fast than getting a high price. That's NOT good for you.

They also proved that agents homes sell for more money than yours. Still trust an agent to get you the highest price?

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Why For Sale by Owner Fails

Get buyer agents to show your home by listing on the MLS
For Sale by Owner homes do NOT appear on major websites such as, Century21, RE/MAX, and many more. Buyers won't know your home is for sale!

90% of buyers use an agent. Most agents will NOT show a home that is NOT offering a commission through the MLS.

Agents get alerted by the MLS when a home matches what their buyer wants. Many buyers rely on their agent and do NOT search on their own.

Most buyers are not able or willing to buy a home without an agent.

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The $15,000 Real Estate Secret

You Can List on the MLS for a "Flat Fee"!

$500k sale price, 3% commission per agent
Listing Agent Buyer Agent Total Cost
Full Service Listing $15,000 $15,000 $30,000
Flat Fee Listing $95 $0 - 15,000 1 $95 - 15,095 1
1 No commission paid if buyer does not have an agent.

In a "Flat Fee" listing, you pay a small fee (no commission) to list your home on the MLS. You can still offer a commission to buyer agents. Why waste $15,000 - $30,000+ on commissions?

You are wasting money by paying a commission to a real estate agent to list your home on the MLS.

"Consumers can save thousands of dollars in commissions (with a Flat Fee MLS listing)."

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The Fast + Easy Way To List On The MLS

On the MLS in 24 Hours is the guaranteed fastest, safest, and easiest way to list on the MLS.

You can list on the MLS directly through our website. We guarantee to be the FASTEST, SAFEST, and EASIEST way to list your home on the MLS. If you don't agree, we'll refund you our fee. No gimmicks, no fine print - unlike the other guys!

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