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New Service: List On The Humboldt County MLS For A Flat Fee


Flat Fee MLS Humboldt County, CA

homecoin.com has expanded our service area to include the Humboldt County, CA MLS!

You can now list any of the following property types for a flat fee on the Humboldt MLS:

  • Residential

We will be adding additional property types over the next week.

Please see our Humboldt MLS page for more info: https://homecoin.com/mls/humboldt-aor-mls

What is homecoin.com? We are the easiest way to make the most money on your home sale. List on the MLS for a low, flat-fee and pay nothing more to us when you close. 100% online. No gimmicks or hidden fees.

We serve all majo...

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