Generation X Lost The Most In The Recession

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Apr 26, 2016

Gen X saw the most substantial decrease in their net worth of any generation during the recession, making it difficult to invest further in their homes today.

What Home Features Sell?

Posted in Infographic, Seller, Seller Marketing on Apr 22, 2016

Not all homes are equal, and don't sell equally well either. So what features can make or break the sale? Here's what recent data showed about how much of a difference the most popular features can make in selling a home.

Homeownership and the Military

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Nov 03, 2015

The homeownership rate among veterans far outpaces that of civilians, according to Veterans United Home Loans. However, active duty military personnel often face challenges, due in large part to deployments. But there is good news for the nation's heros.

Do Buyer Agents Avoid Flat Fee MLS Listings?

Posted in Seller, Seller Marketing on Oct 15, 2015

Will buyer agents avoid bringing their buyers to homes that are listed on the MLS as flat fee listings? The answer and deeper truth may surprise you...

How Do I List My House On Zillow?

Posted in Seller, Seller Marketing on Oct 14, 2015

Learn how to list your home on Zillow for free.

How to Hire a Contractor

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Oct 05, 2015

Buyers and sellers often have to hire a contractor to do work on a home. But who do you hire and where do you look? Here are some tips that can help you avoid problems down the line.

The Home Affordability Squeeze

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Sep 24, 2015

Home prices are up, but many homeowners who have considered selling are deciding not to because they are caught in an affordability squeeze that is compounded by a lack of inventory. on Chase and Burner Show | Real Talk San Diego | ESPN 1700

Posted in Media on Sep 11, 2015

Hear CEO Jon Minerick discuss with Chase & Burner on Real Talk San Diego - ESPN 1700

Millenials' Obstacles to Buying a Home

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Sep 11, 2015

View the major hurdles to homeownership for Gen Y.

Credit Knowledge and Home Buyer Confidence

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Loan on Aug 10, 2015

Spring and summer mean warmer weather and increased home sales, according to C.A.R. data. However, a new Experian survey suggests many homebuyers dread the process because they're unaware of their credit scores.