Outdated and Unwanted

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Jan 30, 2018

Home buyers say they want the latest design trends in their property, but 70% of homeowners admit to having these outdated features in their homes. If you're thinking of selling, and have these obsolete features, talk to your REALTORĀ® about whether to update your home and how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

400 Sold Homes + $200 Million In Total Sales Volume

Posted in Company News on Jan 04, 2018

In December, homecoin.com hit two important milestones: 1. We had our 400th home close escrow. 2. We surpassed $200 million in total sales volume.

New Product - Free Flyers

Posted in Seller, Seller Marketing on Jan 03, 2018

homecoin.com is pleased to announce that home sellers can now order free flyers for their home sale on homecoin.com. The flyers will be printed and delivered for absolutely free.

Tax Reform: Is California A Winner Or A Loser?

Posted in Infographic on Dec 26, 2017

Now that the tax reform bill has passed, here is the expected impact on home prices, sales, and inventory.

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Posted in Infographic on Dec 19, 2017

Love them or hate them, you're stuck with your neighbors. Knowing the people who live nearby can ensure the safety of your home, but being a nice neighbor also can be just the right thing to do.

Home Buyer Blunders

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Dec 12, 2017

Don't lose a home by making these common homebuying mistakes.

Home Sellers: The Top 3 Reasons To Avoid A Commission-Based Listing Agent

Posted in Seller, Seller Marketing on Dec 11, 2017

Thinking of selling a home? A commission-based listing agent is most likely going to cost you dearly.

Home Inspection Specialists

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Dec 05, 2017

When it comes to buying a home, everyone knows that a home inspection is a must have. However, many checklists for home inspectors contain more than 1,600 features to assess, and some items may require a specialist for a more thorough evaluation.

Homeownership Benefits

Posted in Infographic on Nov 28, 2017

Improved educational performance, higher civic participation, lower crime rates, and greater health remain the biggest social benefits linked to homeownership. Take a look at how homeownership impacts these areas.

What's Driving Latino Homeownership?

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Nov 22, 2017

At 15 million strong, the Latino community is of extreme importance to both California and the U.S. Take a look at what's driving homeownership within this segment.