Home Inspection Specialists

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Dec 05, 2017

When it comes to buying a home, everyone knows that a home inspection is a must have. However, many checklists for home inspectors contain more than 1,600 features to assess, and some items may require a specialist for a more thorough evaluation.

Homeownership Benefits

Posted in Infographic on Nov 28, 2017

Improved educational performance, higher civic participation, lower crime rates, and greater health remain the biggest social benefits linked to homeownership. Take a look at how homeownership impacts these areas.

What's Driving Latino Homeownership?

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Nov 22, 2017

At 15 million strong, the Latino community is of extreme importance to both California and the U.S. Take a look at what's driving homeownership within this segment.

Goodbye Income Tax Deductions

Posted in Infographic on Nov 14, 2017

Congress has introduced a tax reform bill in the House of Representatives that will disproportionately harm Californians. Among the many provisions in this tax reform bill is the elimination of state and local taxes they pay on their income. Take a look at how that could impact you.

Marriage Equality Opening New Doors

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Nov 07, 2017

Homeownership in the LGBT community has been on the rise since 2015, when the Supreme Court ruled to make same-sex marriage legal.

Compromise Is Not Always Key In Home Buying

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Oct 31, 2017

When buying a home, there is a lot to take into consideration. Often, buyers have to compromise and generally do not get everything on their wish list. Here are three items that REALTORS recommend buyers not compromise on.

Remodeling Revisited

Posted in Infographic, Seller on Oct 24, 2017

Here are the top five most-common exterior renovation projects and how appealing they are to home buyers at resale.

Seller Know How

Posted in Infographic, Seller on Oct 17, 2017

Although home prices are up, selling a home isn't always a piece of cake. Here are four tips from REALTORS® that sellers should know.

Moving With Kids

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Oct 10, 2017

When purchasing or selling a home, home buyers and sellers with children under the age of 18 have unique needs.

Hot Home Landscaping Trends

Posted in Infographic on Sep 26, 2017

Whether buying, selling or just enjoying a home's features, it's good to know the hottest landscaping trends of the season. Here are the five hottest outdoor trends for fall: