Seller Know How

Posted in Infographic, Seller on Oct 17, 2017

Although home prices are up, selling a home isn't always a piece of cake. Here are four tips from REALTORS® that sellers should know.

Moving With Kids

Posted in Infographic, Buyer, Seller on Oct 10, 2017

When purchasing or selling a home, home buyers and sellers with children under the age of 18 have unique needs.

Hot Home Landscaping Trends

Posted in Infographic on Sep 26, 2017

Whether buying, selling or just enjoying a home's features, it's good to know the hottest landscaping trends of the season. Here are the five hottest outdoor trends for fall:

Homebuyers Want More Outdoor Space

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Sep 11, 2017

When it comes to choosing between a home with more square footage or one with larger outdoor space, prospective homebuyers are opting for the outdoors.

Financial Priorities By Generation

Posted in Infographic on Sep 05, 2017

These are the biggest financial priorities by various generations.

Avoid Real Estate Regret

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Aug 29, 2017

Avoid home buyer regret by giving particular consideration to these areas when purchasing a home.

Who Is Telecommuting?

Posted in Infographic on Aug 23, 2017

With some projections suggesting that 50% of the workforce will be telecommuting by 2020, the home is becoming the center of both work and entertainment.

Common Home Buyer Expenses

Posted in Infographic, Buyer on Aug 15, 2017

Furniture, appliances, and remodeling projects are among the biggest expenses for new homeowners, who spend an average of $10,600 in the first year of homeownership.

Financial Freedom

Posted in Infographic on Jul 25, 2017

Consumers appear to be more confident nowadays with their ability to spend money and pay their mortgages. Take a look at how these stats vary among generations.

Home Sellers' Market Challenges

Posted in Infographic, Seller on Jul 18, 2017

It may be a sellers' market, but for most people who list their home, getting it sold only marks the halfway point to the finish line.