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Company Price Cost to Sell $500k Home Reviews* $95+ 1 $95+ 1 Yelp (74)
1 Pay for only the services you want. View prices for all services here. 1% $5,000 Yelp (9) $5,000 $5,000 Yelp (3) 1% 1 $5,000
1 For homes under $350,000 you pay a flat fee of $3,000. $5,950 $5,950 Sitejabber (48) 2% $10,000 Inland Empire 1% 1 $5,000 Yelp (73) 2
1 Minimum fee of $3,500 in the Inland Empire.
2 Reviews reflect Los Angeles office, no Inland Empire reviews available. Lake Tahoe 1% 1 $5,000 Yelp (27) 2
1 Minimum fee of $3,000 in Lake Tahoe, CA.
2 Reviews reflect Sacramento office, no reviews available for Lake Tahoe, CA. Los Angeles 1% $5,500 1 Yelp (73)
1 Minimum fee of $5,500 in Los Angeles, CA. Orange County 1.5% 1 $7,500 Yelp (82)
1 Minimum fee of $5,500 in Orange County, CA. Sacramento 1.5% 1 $7,500 Yelp (27) 2
1 Minimum fee of $3,500 in Sacramento, CA. San Diego 1.5% 1 $7,500 Yelp (46) 2
1 Minimum fee of $5,500 in San Diego, CA. San Francisco 1% $5,500 1 Yelp (29) 2
1 Minimum fee of $5,500 in San Francisco, CA.
Company Price Cost to Sell $500k Home Reviews*

Updated May 3, 2019. If you believe any of this information is incorrect, please contact us. * Reviews are sourced from Yelp! and SiteJabber.


Service Price Details
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Flat Fee MLS Listing $95
Lockbox Rental $125
Pro Photography $99+
Sign Post Rental $99+
Free Sign (w/ Post Rental) FREE
Free Open House Kit FREE
Free FSBO Listing FREE
Forms Help (Standard) $450
Forms Help (Premium Seller) $2999
Buyer Commission Rebate 50%

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