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Common Questions

How does this make sense for Sellers?

If you want don't want to do the work of selling your home yourself, but also don't want to overpay for a pro to help you, this is right for you. You get a fully licensed agent to guide you every step of the way. This is the easiest way to get your home sold, while still pocketing some savings for yourself. Just sit back and let the agent do their job with the piece of mind that comes with having a pro. View the exact prices and availability here.

How does this make sense for Buyers?

If you need a pro to guide you through the home buying process, but still want to get a rebate on the commission offered by the sellers, this is right for you. Nearly all homes on the MLS offer a commission to the buyer's agent. The agent partners on will give you a portion of that commission (view the exact amount and availability here). Be smart: get pro help AND put some money back in your pocket.

Who will be doing the work?

We have relationships setup with selected agents. Those agents tell us the best pricing they can give our customers (you) and we show that pricing to you. You will get to select the agent based on price and distance. You can search the available agents by clicking here.

Helpful, discount real estate agents for your transaction.

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We get it - selling or buying a home is a time-consuming process. A real estate agent can make that process much faster and easier, but that doesn't mean you need to pay 6% when you sell (or not get a rebate when buying).

Our agent partners have been carefully selected to make sure you are getting someone that knows how to look out for your best interests.


Service Price Details
Free Comparable Sales FREE
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Flat Fee MLS Listing $95
Lockbox Rental $125
Pro Photography $99+
Sign Post Rental FREE to $79+
Free Sign (w/ Post Rental) FREE
Free Flyers FREE
Free Open House Kit FREE
Free FSBO Listing FREE
Agent Assistance (Forms or Full-Service) Varies

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