Flat Fee MLS West Puente Valley

List your FSBO home on the local West Puente Valley MLS for the low, flat fee of $95

What You Get for $95

12 month MLS listing
Cancel for FREE anytime
10 FREE listing changes
Unlimited photos on the MLS
Listed on Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, more...
Complete and manage 100% online
No obligation to buy anything else
Protection of our Listing Agreement
Offer buyer agents any commission you want

Our Guarantee

homecoin.com is the guaranteed fastest, safest, and easiest way to list on the MLS.

We guarantee that homecoin is the FASTEST, SAFEST, and EASIEST way to do a flat fee MLS listing. If you don't agree, we'll refund you our fee.

What is the MLS?

How the MLS works image.

The Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") is an agent-only database where agents list the properties that they have for sale. A commission can be offered in the MLS to agents for producing the buyer.

There are over 700 different MLSs in the United States. It is CRITICAL that your home is listed on your local MLS.

Why is the MLS Important?

Why the MLS is important.

1. The MLS enables a seller to offer a commission to buyers agents. Agents will NOT go to homes where a commission is not offered.

2. The MLS pushes home info to websites such as Realtor.com, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, major brokerage sites, plus many others.

How Do Commissions Work?

How commissions work on the MLS.

Simply put, when a seller pays a 6% commission to sell their home, half (3%) goes to the listing agent and half (3%) goes to the buyers agent.

When you offer a commission on the MLS, that offer is only for the agents who are members of that MLS. That is why you want to list on the LOCAL MLS, so you can attract local agents.

What is a "Flat Fee" MLS Listing?

$400k sale price, 3% commission per agent
Listing Agent Buyer Agent Total Cost
Full Service Listing $12,000 $12,000 $24,000
Flat Fee Listing $95 1 $0 - 12,000 2 $95 - 12,095 2

In a "Flat Fee" listing, the seller pays an upfront fee (no commission) for an agent to list a home on the MLS. The seller can still offer a commission to buyer agents.

1 Prices vary by MLS.
2 No commission paid if buyer does not have an agent.

West Puente Valley MLS Details

San Diego, CA 92104
License # 01888948
$ 95
total cost
Inglewood Board of Realtors
Inglewood CA, 90301

Laguna Board of Realtors
Laguna Beach CA, 92651

Palos Verdes Peninsula Association of Realtors
Rolling Hills Estates CA, 90274

Pismo Coast Association of Realtors
Arroyo Grande CA, 93420

Southeast Kern Board of Realtors
California City CA, 93505

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Common Questions

Is homecoin a referral website?

No. Some websites get you to list through them and then send the listing to a broker in your area, who then emails you a listing agreement and all the actual MLS forms to complete. We DO NOT do this. On homecoin, you select the agent that completes your listing and you complete all the correct forms and listing agreement on our website. No slow, offline, funny business.

Is this the MLS agents use?

Yes, with homecoin you will always be listed on the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that local agents use. We show you up front which MLSs you can list on for a flat fee through our website (there are over 700 MLSs in the US). It is absolutely critical you list on the correct MLS, and some websites will list you on the wrong MLS. We do not accept listings for MLSs that we are not able to get you listed on.

Will agents show my home?

Yes. If you are offering a fair commission through the MLS (typically 2-3%), buyer agents will certainly show your property. Buyer agents only avoid homes that are not offering a commission through the MLS. By using the MLS, you are making a contractual offer to those buyer agents and you can offer them any amount you like.

Is it really 100% online?

Yes. It is very important to understand how a flat fee MLS listing works and how much time other websites will take from you. To list on the MLS, a seller needs to complete at least two forms: 1) listing agreement, and 2) the actual listing input form for the MLS.

Other websites will either a) collect generic property information that you provided about your home, have you pay, and then refer you to an agent who will send you the actual listing forms to complete / sign / scan / email, or b) use the information provided to complete the MLS listing, which is a tremendous disservice to you since all MLSs have very different fields to complete and your home will not be as visible if you cannot complete all the actual MLS fields.

Are flat fee sales common?

Yes, they are extremely common. It is estimated that 20% of real estate sales do not use a commission based listing agent. The US Department of Justice has a large section of its website dedicated to informing consumers how much they can save by doing flat fee (aka fee for service) sales.

The real estate industry would like you to think that the only way to sell a home is by paying a full 6% commission, but that is just not true. Flat fee agents and real estate agents that accept less than 6% commission are the norm. Home sellers can capture tremendous cost savings by understanding just a small amount of how real estate works (such as knowing they can list on the MLS for a flat fee).

Am I still considered FSBO?

For sale by owner (FSBO) means that you are not working with agents whatsoever, in any capacity. Only a real estate agent can list a property for a flat fee on the MLS, so you are technically no longer considered FSBO since you paid the flat fee to have the property listed.

FSBO (not working with agents at all) is typically not successful because nearly 90% of buyers have an agent and that agent will only show your property if you are offering a commission through the MLS. Flat fee MLS solves that problem while still giving the seller a cost savings from not using a commission based listing agent. In addition, the seller may find a buyer who does not have an agent which allows them to effectively pay zero commission (except the original flat fee paid).

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