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Rent the industry standard electronic lockbox. Protect your family and Alum Rock home for only $125 + deposit.

Industry Standard

Tracks All Agent Entries

Secure & Convenient

3 Free Entry Reports

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The Industry Standard - Trust Nothing Else!

The ONLY safe and convenient lockbox for your Alum Rock home


Real estate agent lockboxes keep your home secure.

Combo boxes are easy to pick or break open. Agent lockboxes can only be opened with an electronic key issued to agents by the local MLS.

Entry Tracking

Track all agent entries.

Each time an agent opens the lockbox, their info is recorded so you can follow up with them. You get 3 free entry reports + more for $5 each.


Realtor forms contracts and disclosures.

Coordinating keys takes time and agents hate it. Sharing a combo even once makes it unsafe. Solve all these problems with an agent lockbox.

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View a report on the agents that have shown your property.

3 Free Agent Entry Reports

Easily request agent entry reports directly through Each report contains a list of all agents who have toured the property with their clients, along with the contact information of the agent so you can follow up with them.

The first 3 reports are free and additional reports after that are just $5 each.

Set Showing Restrictions

Agent lockboxes can restrict entry hours so the lockbox can only be opened at appropriate times (e.g. only from 8am to 6pm).

You can also set the lockbox to require the agent to call prior to opening, so you can provide the agent any special information or screen their buyers to ensure they are qualified.

You are in control.

Safe and secure homeowner.

Don't Take Chances

Combo boxes are insecure - using one creates a huge risk to your family and property. Not having a lockbox is extremely inconvenient to the agents who will be showing your Alum Rock home to their buyers and could cost you a sale.

Don't take a foolish risk, use the lockbox that maximizes security and convenience.

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Alum Rock MLS Details

San Diego, CA 92104
License # 01888948
$ 125
total cost


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