What's My Local MLS?

1. Location
Enter the zip code or city, state. We'll display the closest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to your property.
2. Results
Which MLS do I select?
Choose the MLS that the nearest Association of Realtors is a member. By listing on an MLS, you are making an offer of compensation to the member/participants of that MLS. If you choose to list on an MLS that the local association does not participate in, you are not incentivizing the local agents to show your property.

There is more than one MLS?
Yes, there are hundreds of MLSs in the United States. Each has slightly different forms for accepting listing information. The major websites (Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc.) typically pull directly from each of these MLSs and pool all of the listings together across the entire country.
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