Avenal Real Estate Comps

Includes reports on recently sold Avenal homes, Avenal market trends, and much more... All for only $39

5 Reports Included:

  • Comparable Sales
  • Market Trends
  • Property Detail
  • Neighbors
  • Neighborhood Profile

Direct from Tax Data

No Need to Buy Anything Else

5 important reports included! Comps, market trends, neighbors, and more!

Don’t Let Buyer Agents Grind You Down on Price - Have The Facts on Recently Sold Homes and Market Trends in Avenal!

5 Reports Included

Comparable Sales

Comparable sales report

View the sales prices and data on similar homes that have recently sold in Avenal.

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Market Trends

Market trends report.

See how the Avenal area has been trending in terms of pricing, sales numbers, and more.

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Property Detail

Property detail report

View your property characteristics, sale/mortgage history, and tax/location info.

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Neighbors report.

View sales, tax, and other property data on the Avenal homes directly neighboring your own.

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Neighborhood Profile

Neighborhood profile report.

View Avenal demographic data, including own vs rent, nearby schools and businesses, and more.

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Common Questions

Why do I need this?

The #1 reason for homeowners failing to sell is due to overestimating the value of their home, something that is far too common. Real estate agents add to the problem, as they often tell sellers their home is worth more than it really is, just to get the listing - this is called buying a listing.

The key to a successful home sale< is pricing your home at what it is worth, based on other similar homes in the area that have recently sold - this is exactly the data you get in our real estate comps package. The first two weeks your home is on the market are critical, as that is when your home gets the most attention. Dropping the price later doesn't always work, as you lose the eyeballs that you get with a new listing. Price right with our comps report.

Why don’t agents want me to have this?

Buyer's agents will try to grind you down on the price in order to get their buyer a better deal. If you are armed with the facts found in our comps report, you will be confident in your pricing and be able to educate the agents on the home value.

Listing agents will try to get you excited by telling you the value of your home is higher than you think. The truth is, if you are doing the other basic things right (pro photos, MLS listing), then the value of the home is set by the market and listing agents are just pulling your leg.

By having the real estate comps report we provide, agents won’t be able to take advantage of you.

What info do you use to get the data?

We use the characteristics of your home, such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, to find similar homes within a half mile that have sold within the last 6 months. If there are not enough results, we will modify the parameters a bit. If we cannot get you solid data, we will not accept the order and there is no charge.

You will typically get between 5-20 comparable sales results. In areas with many homes (suburban, urban), the data is crucial. The additional reports included are perfect to aid in your MLS listing or add to your marketing materials so buyers can easily understand the property and area.

Is this the same data that agents use?

Yes. Real estate agents use the exact same data and reporting to figure out how to price their client's homes.

The reports we provide are not available to those who are not members of the local MLS and are not able to spend the time and money to compile tax records.

Where does the data come from?

The information comes from a combination of MLS data and tax records. We have access to tools that aggregate the tax data so you can have a clear picture of what has sold recently.

Most sales occur through the MLS, and that gives us some additional reports that make it easy to understand how the market is trending.

How do I order? Why are you doing this?

Simply sign up, add a property, and select “Real Estate Comps”. No need to buy anything else.

We think real estate commissions are too expensive. We've found that selling a home is simple if you have the right tools and they are fast and easy to use. We have helped hundreds of home sellers save millions in commission costs.

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