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Common Questions

How does this make sense for Sellers?

If you want maximum profit on your home sale while still getting the legal coverage of having a licensed agent, this is for you. Using, you can do the home marketing yourself (e.g. use our Flat Fee MLS listing service), and then bring in a pro when it's time to do the paperwork. The cost savings are massive versus using a full-service agent, and you have none of the liability associated with doing the paperwork yourself. View the exact prices and availability here.

How does this make sense for Buyers?

If you do the legwork of finding the home you want to buy, you will get a huge financial upside using this service. Nearly all homes on the MLS offer a commission to the buyer's agent. The agent partners on will give you a portion of that commission (view the exact amount and availability here), as you are saving them hours of time from not driving you around showing you homes. Be smart: get pro help AND the best possible rebate.

Who will be doing the work?

We have relationships setup with selected agents. Those agents tell us the best pricing they can give our customers (you) and we show that pricing to you. You will get to select the agent based on price and distance. You can search the available agents by clicking here.

Helpful, low-cost real estate agent.

Don't Take Chances

How can you be sure your sale is compliant with state law? Many real estate contracts and disclosures found online are out of date. Our agent partners have access to the fully updated REALTOR® forms set, which is the gold standard in real estate forms.

Don't take the liability on yourself, hire a low-cost agent to complete your paperwork accurately. Also included is negotiation assistance. A small investment in a professional can save you tens of thousands in legal bills and wasted costs!


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Flat Fee MLS Listing $95
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Sign Post Rental $79+
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