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How We Help Investors

What does homecoin do?

We help investors make more money!

We make it fast and easy to list on the MLS, for only $95 (in most areas). No need to buy anything more.

We also have optional services available, such as lockbox rentals, forms help, signs, and much more. Buy only what you want. Shouldn't everything be this way?

Is this way of selling common?

Yes, it is estimated that 20% of real estate sales do not use a commission based listing agent.

The US Department of Justice has a large section of its website dedicated to informing sellers how much more money they can make by using services similar to ours.

Why pay a big commission just for an MLS listing?

Will agents bring their buyers?

Yes. If you are offering a fair commission through the MLS (typically 2-3%), buyer agents will show your property.

Buyer agents only avoid homes that are not offering a commission through the MLS. You can offer agents any commission you like.

If the buyer comes direct to you (or through us), then you pay 0 commissions. Would making an extra $10,000 per flip help you?


Service Price Details
Free Comparable Sales FREE
Free Home Value Report FREE
Flat Fee MLS Listing $95
Lockbox Rental $125
Pro Photography $99+
Sign Post Rental $99+
Free Sign (w/ Post Rental) FREE
Free Open House Kit FREE
Free FSBO Listing FREE
Forms Help (Standard) $450
Forms Help (Premium Seller) Varies
Buyer Commission Rebate 50%

Upfront pricing.
Buy only what you want.
No hidden fees.

Shouldn't everything be this simple?

Yes! Free Sign Up »

* All prices vary by MLS or location. Click here to get exact pricing for your area.

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All MLS listings include FREE call forwarding and info by text.

Never miss a lead.

Property info by text 24/7.


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Do you have questions about your home sale or purchase?

In our forum you can ask other sellers and buyers.

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All MLS listings include FREE automatic email lead forwarding.

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