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How it Works


Step 1: Setup Profile

Once you've submitted the inquiry form and have been approved, we'll create a FREE account for you. You then just need to log in and select the state where you have a license and then:

  1. Select the services you offer.

  2. List your prices and minimum fees for each service.

  3. Provide some basic profile info.

Step 2: Receive Leads

We enable our sellers and buyers to search available agents by price, service, and distance.

  1. The seller or buyer user will your see your prices/distance (but no identifying info).

  2. The user will select you and submit the inquiry, at which time they see your name/email/phone.

  3. You receive an email from homecoin with the users contact details so you can begin your assistance.


Step 3: Close Sales

Once the seller or buyer closes escrow, you collect your fee and send us the small referral portion.

You make money, the customer is happy, and you now have a new source of further business!

Common Questions

What services can I offer?

Half-Service Seller: Assistance with negotiations, paperwork, and guidance through escrow. This does NOT include any typical marketing activities, such as MLS listing, open houses, etc..

Half-Service Buyer: Assistance with negotiations, offers, and guidance through escrow. This does NOT include any typical buyer activities, such as driving around and sending listing reports.

Full-Service Seller: Traditional seller representation.

Full-Service Buyer: Traditional buyer representation.

How do I set pricing?

You enter your commission for each service, plus the minimum fee and the maximum distance. For example, to assist a seller with their forms, you could say your fee is 0.2%, with a minimum of $750. So if the seller's home is sold for $400,000 then your fee would be $800.

Note that if you spent a typical of 4 hours assisting on a sale, that averages out to $200 per hour. Working 40 hours a week at $200/hr is an annual income of over $400,000.

What type of agents is this a good fit for?

For knowledgeable agents who are efficient at paperwork and enjoy helping buyers and sellers navigate a transaction.

This is also good for agents who prefer not to have to do constant self-promotion and want to avoid having to justify the large commissions. Licensed transaction coordinators are a good fit.

Most of our customers are interested in help with negotiations, paperwork, and navigating the escrow (what we call "half-service").

Look out for your future career by signing up to homecoin as an agent.

Don't Get Left Behind!

Real estate is changing, will you take advantage?

Cold-calling and knocking on doors in search of customers is not a good use of your time. Let us find the buyers and sellers who need pro help - we'll send them to you so you can get down to the business of real estate!

Space is limited for each area - once we find a reliable and cost-effective agent to serve our customers, we will close the area for new agents.

All you need to do:

Submit the inquiry form.
Once approved, sign in and list your prices.
Sit back and let our users contact you.

Submit Your Interest (Google Form)