Personal Property Mobile/Manufactured Home Sale

Transaction Definition
Sale Type: Resale
Property Type: Residential
Ownership Type: Personal
Number of Units: 1-4 Units
Special Circumstances: None

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Required Forms
Name Code
48 HR Notice of Inspection Prior to Termination of Tenancy FEHN
Addendum ADM
Additional Signature Addendum ASA
Arbitration Agreement ARB
Assignment of Agreement Addendum AOAA
Assumed Financing Addendum AFA
Back-Up Offer Addendum BUO
Bill of Sale BOS
Buyer Amendment to Escrow Instructions BAEI
Buyer Counter Offer BCO
Buyer Demand For Release Of Deposit BDRD
Buyer's Inspection Advisory BIA
Buyer's Inspection Elections BIE
Buyer's Intent To Exchange Supplement BES
Cancellation Of Contract, Release Of Deposit & Joint Escrow Instructions CC
Carbon Monoxide Detector CMD
Cash For Keys CFK
Charges for Non-Statutory Homeowner Association Documents HOA3
Charges for Required Homeowner Association Documents HOA2
Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreement CND
Contingency For Sale Or Purchase Of Property COP
Contingency Removal CR
Contract Paragraph Matrix CPM
Court Confirmation Addendum CCA
Delivery Of Notices Addendum DNA
Demand For Mediation DM
Demand To Close Escrow DCE
Electronic Signature Verification For Third Parties ESV
Estimated Buyer's Cost EBC
Estimated Seller's Proceeds ESP
Exempt Seller Disclosure ESD
Extension Of Time Addendum ETA
Federal Lead Base Paint Disclosure FLD
FHA or VA Notice and Addendum FVA
FHA/VA Amendatory Clause FVAC
Homeowners Association Information Request HOA1
HUD Notice to Purchase HID
Interim Occupancy Agreement Buyer In Possession IOA
Interpreter/Translator Agreement ITA
Keysafe/Lockbox Addendum and Tenant Permission to Access Property KLA
Manufactured Home Purchase Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions MHPA
Manufactured Home Transfer Disclosure MHTDS
Methamphetamine Contamination Notice MCN
Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement NHD
Natural Hazards Disclosure Expert's Report
Notice of Default Purchase Agreement NODPA
Notice Of Entry NOE
Notice of Non-Responsibility NNR
Notice Of Sale And Entry NSE
Notice To Buyer To Perform NBP
Notice to Perform Covenant (Cure) or Quit PCQ
Notice To Quit NTQ
Notice To Seller To Perform NSP
Option Agreement OA
Parking And Storage Disclosure PSD
Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home Free Download
Qualified Substitute Declaration Of Possession Of Transferor’s Affidavit Of Nonforeign Status QS
Receipt For Increase Deposit - Liquidated Damages RID
Receipt For Reports RFR
Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure (For Buyer Representatives) RCSD-B
Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure (For Seller Representatives) RCSD-S
Residential Lease Agreement After Sale RLAS
Seller Agricultural Land Supplementary Questionnaire SALSQ
Seller Amendment to Escrow Instructions SAEI
Seller Counter Offer SCO
Seller Demand For Release Of Deposit SDRD
Seller Finance Addendum & Disclosure SFA
Seller In Possession Addendum SIP
Seller Multiple Counter Offer SMCO
Seller Property Questionairre SPQ
Seller Response And Buyer Reply To Request For Repair RRRR
Seller's Intent To Exchange Supplement SES
Seller's Purchase Of Replacement Property SPRP
Statement of Facts - Smoke Detector/Water Heater Bracing Free Download
Statewide Buyer And Seller Advisory SBSA
Table Of Contents TOC
Tenant Estoppel Certificate TEC
Tenant In Possession Addendum TIP
Transaction Cover TCS
Trust Advisory TSA
Verification Of Property Condition VP
Water Heater And Smoke Detector Statement Of Compliance WHSD
Water Heater Statement of Compliance WHS
Withdrawal Of An Offer WOO

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