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Items Included
Below is an example of some of the items in each kit



Protect the appearance of your home! These booties save your floors from dirt and wear. One size fits all and plenty are included.

Guest Registry

Guest registry

Collect the contact information of the visitors to your open house so you can follow up with them on putting in an offer.

Tent Cards

Tent cards

These double sided tent cards include polite messaging to buyers and agents on things such as pets, shoes, and leaving business cards.

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Common Questions

Is it really free? How do I order?

Yes, it's really free. The reason you get this for free is the title company that provides the kit wants to get their name in front of you. There is zero obligation to use the title company.

We've found that selling a home is simple if you have the right tools and they are fast and easy to use. We believe this is a great tool to professionally market the home (plus the price is right... free).

Simply sign up, add a property, and select “Free Open House Kit”. No need to buy anything.

Will the kit provider answer my title/escrow questions?

Yes, the title rep can answer any questions you have about the title and escrow process, including where to get any necessary contract and disclosure documents and anything else you might be wondering about.

Be sure to get a quote from the title company for their services - you can use this to compare to similar companies to make sure you are getting the absolute best pricing.

Why do I need this?

If you are planning on hosting an open house, it is always a good idea to put your best foot forward. Agents and buyers want to deal with sellers who are professional in their dealings.

Certain items in the kit maintain the appearance of your home (booties, tent cards), while others make it easy for follow up with prospective buyers (registry). In addition, the flyer stand draws attention to your flyers so prospective buyers can take one before leaving.

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